Battery operated mobile water purification unit

Infantry troops on urban combat missions carry water in flasks and water tanks. This mode of transport limits the amount of water that can be carried because of its weight and volume. On many occasions, troops encounter local water sources, such as water tanks on roofs and water from wells, which are unauthorized for use. Spring is a small water purification unit that fits into a backpack and is suitable for a platoon or squadron.

The device can filter 220-240 liters (57-63 gallons) per standard rechargeable battery. The unit produces fresh, pure water from non-saline water sources, e.g., water for agriculture, water tanks on roofs on captured building, wells, etc. The device is small and light-weight, and simplifies the logistics needed to supply large amounts of water to troops during operations.



  • Back-carried unit that purifies non-saline, potentially contaminated water sources to produce pure, fresh drinking water. Operated by standard military rechargeable battery.
  • Several filtration components built on a multi-barrier principle.
  • Treatment of any contaminated or potentially sabotaged water, including the elimination of microorganisms, pesticides, heavy metals, etc.
  • Automatic validation of water quality (automatic shut-off in case of poor quality).
  • Production of 220-240 liters (57-63 gallons) of pure water per single battery, compared with 20 liters carried in a Jerrycan that weighs twice as much as the unit itself.
  • Water purification flow rate of 60 liters/hour (15.7 gallons/hour).
  • Includes the unique Water-Gen energy recycling technology, allowing long operation on a single battery.
  • Water quality meets TBMED 577 (USA), STANAG 2136 (NATO).