Civilian Spring

Water purification solution that provides high-grade drinking water

Lightweight, battery-operated water purification solution that provides high-grade drinking water in off-grid areas (no electrical power) that do not have safe drinking water.

With a staggering water purification capacity of 120 liters an hour and 1200 liters per day, the Spring can service a whole village, providing renewable and safe drinking water solution per charge, recharging during the night.

Civilian Spring

Water purification

  • The Spring employs a multi-stage reverse osmosis (RO) filtration and purification processes, specially designed for harsh field conditions
  • Filtration of dirt and debris, performed directly at the water source to reduce the chance of filter clogging
  • Mineralization and pH stabilization
  • Filtration and sterilization of the water from microbiological contaminants
  • Filtration of chemical contaminants, including pesticides, fluoride, arsenic, etc.

Civilian Spring

Operation and Maintenance

Spring includes a water quality monitoring system that automatically validates the water quality, ensuring that the filtered water is fit to drink and shuts off automatically if the quality of the water is inadequate

Water purification: ~120 Liters/Hour, and up to 1 200 Liters/Day

Water source: any contaminated non-saline water

Filtration capabilities: microorganisms, pesticides and heavy metals

Standards: EPA, WHO, local standards